About 7twenty7

Growing up, Kiera watched her grandmother Stella get up every morning before work to do her makeup. Her grandmother was the ultimate diva and Kiera loved that about her grandmother! Kiera's grandmother taught her that even though she loved makeup, true beauty comes from within.


The name 7twenty7 was inspired by Kiera's birthday, which her mom suggested. But the thought of 7twenty7 was inspired by her grandmother.

What makes us different? 7twenty7 strives to do everything with love, care and positivity. Our biggest goal is to give back to others! All of our products are set up to donate 10% to a foundation. We call it the "Donation To A Foundation" movement. 

The Beauty Club? The Beauty Club is something that Kiera came up with to describe actual beauty, which was also inspired from her grandmother. Beauty defines the beauty in our thoughts, actions and character. Internal beauty dominates our external beauty. True beauty wins the heart of people.

Welcome to 7twenty7, The Beauty Club.